Summertime brings warmer weather and the opportunity to spend more time outdoors. However, if your property is overrun with swarms of pesky mosquitoes, relaxation will quickly give way to frustration. To enjoy your yard in peace, check out these seven effective ways to repel mosquitoes from your property.

Keep a Well-Manicured Lawn

Mosquitoes enjoy the shade of tall grasses, shrubbery, and piles of lawn debris. By regularly maintaining your lawn, trimming the bushes, and clearing the yard of fallen branches, you make it harder for these insects to find a place to rest and nest. Along with keeping mosquitoes at bay, a well-kept landscape deters rodents, roaches, ticks, and other pests.

Candles, Fires, and Torches Repel Mosquitoes

Candles and anti-mosquito torches are a great way to keep mosquitoes away from your property. Mosquitoes are sensitive to the by-products of burnt wax and even small amounts of smoke are unpleasant to them. Building a fire in the fire pit will also repel mosquitoes, but check with your local fire department to verify your area does not have a burn-ban in effect.

Call an Exterminator

Mosquitoes are a common problem throughout North America, so your local exterminators and pest control specialists have plenty of experience dealing with the insects in your area. An exterminator knows the best methods and will give you options to defend your property from mosquitoes.

Repel Mosquitoes by Eliminating Standing Water

Mosquitoes breed and lay their eggs in water. Even a tiny puddle can contain thousands of mosquito eggs. If your landscape or driveway has any natural dips, fill them in so water can’t accumulate. Birdbaths should be emptied and changed regularly. Keep gutters clean and regularly check the yard for planters, pots, and even children’s toys that might hold standing water.

Tents and Screens

Installing screens or even sheer curtains around decks and other common areas is a great way to avoid mosquito bites. Screens and tents can be set up and taken down in minutes. Screens are one of the simplest ways to keep mosquitoes out of your outdoor living spaces.

Coordinate with Neighbors to Repel Mosquitoes

If you have close neighbors, then you’re going to need to work with them to repel mosquitoes. Efforts around your house won’t go far if your neighbors have messy lawns and pools of stagnant water on their property. Repelling mosquitoes works to everyone’s benefit, so meet with your neighbors and work on ideas to tackle the problem together.

Personal Insect Repellent

In 2019, there were nearly 1,000 reported cases of West Nile Virus in the United States. A well-kept landscape doesn’t mean that a mosquito can’t find its way onto your property. Before spending time outdoors, apply insect repellent. While the odds of catching a disease from a mosquito are slim, you should still take steps to protect yourself and your family.

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