Homeowners appreciate the importance of good curb appeal and how their property is seen from outside. Maintaining a healthy lawn is one way of improving a home’s outdoor aesthetics. This article offers useful tips for keeping lawns in good condition during hot summer weather.

Take Action to Maintain a Healthy Lawn

By using these strategies, you’ll help promote healthier grass growth during the warmest season of the year. Many conditions affect the appearance of the lawn, including rainfall, humidity, and temperature. However, you’ll find maintaining a healthy lawn is easy if you follow these guidelines.

Care for the Entire Lawn as a Whole

Even one or two patches of brown, dying grass can damage the aesthetic of a flawlessly maintained lawn since people tend to focus on problem areas. While maintaining a healthy lawn during summer, treat the grass as a single, uniform ground covering. Apply treatments across the entire surface; don’t neglect parts of the lawn simply because some areas are less visible from the street.

Maintain a Watering Schedule

Most types of grass need at least 1″ of water on a weekly basis to thrive. By watering during early morning hours, moisture better saturates the soil before the heat of the day. Watering during the afternoon wastes water because much of the moisture evaporates before sinking into the ground.

Feed The Lawn Regularly

Apply a grass fertilizer mixture approved for the types of grass growing in your lawn. Many stores sell packaged lawn nutrients. Shop clerks can help you find the best products for your local area. Follow the instructions on the package when applying soil amendments.

For Maintaining a Healthy Lawn, Use a Sharp Mower Blade

Most experts recommend keeping your lawnmower’s blades well-sharpened to maintain a healthy lawn. Sharp mower blades cleanly cut your lawn without shredding or tearing the grass.

Mow Using Specific Lawnmower Settings

Pay attention to the lawnmower settings. Remove no more than the upper one-third of the grass during any mowing session (even if the lawn seems quite high). Cutting too much at one time kills grass and leaves it vulnerable to weeds. Use a high deck setting while mowing to help with maintaining a healthy lawn. Vary the route you use each time you mow to prevent the lawnmower wheels from depressing the same sections of the lawn repeatedly.

Maintaining a healthy lawn will enhance your home’s curb appeal. Use these summer grass care tips to create a lush, green lawn.

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