Practicing fire pit safety is essential if you enjoy having outdoor fires. If you’re new to using a fire pit, these safety tips will help get you started. Take care when enjoying evenings by the fire and keep family and friends safe.

Be Conscious of Fire Pit Safety

Safely Light Your Outdoor Fire

To get a fire started, traditional matches, commercial starter sticks, or tinder sticks are safe and popular. Starter sticks are made of sawdust combined with an accelerant. You can break them and add the sticks to loosely stacked kindling or a tinder bundle. Never use combustible liquids to start a fire, like gasoline or lighter fluid.

Where to Position a Fire Pit

For optimal safety, always install your fire pit on top of something non-flammable, like concrete or a fireproof mat. Never place a fire pit on a wood surface or exposed grass, or under an awning or low tree branches. Keep it at least 10 feet away from any large structure or neighboring property lines.

Tools for Fire Pit Safety

A fire extinguisher, hose, bucket, or fire blanket nearby improves outdoor fire pit safety. If you have a hose, set it to spray; a stream can cause sparks. If you’re going to use a bucket for fire safety, fill it with sand. If your fire pit uses propane, always be sure that the gas is switched off when extinguishing the flame.

Other Tips

  • Be cautious about the amount of wood you add to the fire. Simply add it as needed to keep your fire at a consistent burn.
  • Don’t use garbage or paper projects as fuel for your fire. They can cause sparks and large pieces may ignite and be carried off by the smoke, starting a fire elsewhere.
  • Never wear flammable or loose-fitting clothing when building a fire.

Use care when enjoying your fire pit this summer. Don’t leave children or pets unattended and always extinguish the fire before turning in for the night.

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