An attractive deck, patio, or porch entices family members to spend more time outside. Create welcoming areas by decorating the patio to feel more like an extension of indoors. Make your deck more comfortable with these ideas to enhance your outdoor living spaces.

Install Lighting to Enhance Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Adding lighting to your outdoor spaces is a great way to make an area feel warm and inviting. You’ll find plenty of options for outdoor lighting. You might hang string lights on the porch or from the pergola. Add post lighting on the backyard deck. Solar-powered stake lights are a great option for illuminating a walkway. Other lighting options include paraffin-burning torches for the yard and citronella candles that will help to repel mosquitoes and other insects.

Add Plants

Whether you add hanging baskets of greenery, flower pots with brightly-colored blooms or boxes to grow an herb garden, plants on the patio look lively and attractive. Choose plants for the lighting conditions in your outdoor spaces. Most herbs and vegetables enjoy full sun. If your porch is shaded, choose plants like fuchsia and coleus that do well in lower light conditions.

Incorporate Fabrics

Fabrics are another way to make your deck, porch, or patio feel welcoming. Use throw pillows to add color. Add a UV-resistant outdoor rug to designate an area and make the entire space more comfortable. Hang curtains to surround a space and boost privacy. Fabrics help make your outdoor spaces feel like an extension of the inside of your home.

Build a Privacy Fence

Adding a privacy fence is another great way to enhance your outdoor living spaces. Especially if you live in a neighborhood where houses surround your property, you’ll appreciate having a backyard space all to yourself. There are several ways to boost privacy on your property. Install a fence, plant fast-growing trees, or build a trellis or an arbor and grow vining plants to help block the view.

Enhance Outdoor Living Spaces With a Fire Pit

Make your outdoor spaces warm and inviting even after dark. Build a fire pit or purchase one from your local home improvement store. Make sure to install it at least 15 feet away from the house or any outbuildings. A fire pit provides a comfortable place to spend spring and summer evenings. You can choose wood or propane-burning options. Just make sure to extinguish the fire before turning in for the night.

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