Having a home newly constructed offers peace of mind because everything in the home is new. Although the house has not had any wear and tear from previous occupants, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any defects from construction. When you are moving into new construction, there are a few reasons to schedule a new construction inspection on your new home.

Schedule a New Construction Inspection to Check More Than Code

Although many people rely on code inspectors as their only third party inspection on new construction, their job is just to check municipal code compliance and nothing else. A code inspection covers just a fraction of the items that a private home inspector includes in their new construction inspection.

Learn the Attributes and Vulnerabilities

When you schedule a new construction inspection for a newly built home, you can learn the attributes and vulnerabilities of the home as the inspector evaluates the overall quality of the building. The inspector let you know of any issues with the quality and installation of systems and components, and also how to best maintain your home so that it will perform optimally.

Save Money in the Long Run

The cost of home inspections varies depending on the size of the home and home inspector. Some homeowners or buyers don’t want to spend the money when they’re in the process of purchasing a new home, but it can lead to a financial burden if defects aren’t discovered before the final walk-through.

If you schedule a new construction inspection, you can potentially save thousands of dollars by requesting the builder to perform repairs before the closing or completion date. You’ll discover what needs attention instead of finding out once it’s too late.

It’s Important at Resale

Once you’re ready to sell the home in the future, the potential buyer will order an inspection to determine if any major repairs are needed before the closing date. Any defects that were present since the home was originally built will be uncovered, which will affect the overall value of the building.

You can lose money on the offer price if certain issues are discovered or the buyer might even walk away. Getting the builder involved to correct the issues early on will prevent this situation. It also helps you to avoid extensive damage by fixing any problems upfront before they become more serious over time.

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