Your home protects you and your family from the elements and provides a comfortable place to live. Properties near the coast are threatened by wind damage during storms. Large items carried by the wind can damage your home, like tree branches, yard equipment, or lawn furniture. Take these steps to reduce wind damage to your home.

Protecting Your Home From Wind Damage

Complete these tasks before a storm hits to reduce wind damage to your home. They may not prevent all storm-related problems, but they can decrease damages to your home and property.

Reinforce the Garage Door

If the wind is strong enough, it may blow the garage door off of your house and damage the items inside. When your garage door is ripped off during a storm, you may also see some structural damage to your home. Contact a garage door company and have them inspect the door. If your garage door won’t withstand high winds, replace it with a hurricane-proof garage door.

Another way to reinforce a garage door is to install a brace. A garage door brace can reduce damage to the door and will protect your belongings stored inside.

Cover Windows to Reduce Wind Damage to Your Home

Windows are the most vulnerable parts of a house and are susceptible to wind damage. Broken windows are a safety hazard since they allow wind, debris, and glass shards inside your home. Cover your windows with sturdy storm shutters well before a storm hits. Remember to cover any French doors or sliding glass doors, too.

Tend to Trees That are Close to Your Home

Trees and branches should have at least 6 feet of clearance from your home. If you have older trees near your home, keep them well-pruned so that wind can pass through the branches. As an extra precaution, remove any old or dead trees nearby to eliminate the chance of them falling on your house.

Anchor Items That Could Become Projectiles

Anchor items in your yard securely to the ground to prevent them from causing damage. Bring portable items like the grill or lawn furniture indoors to prepare for a storm. This precaution reduces the chance of large items colliding into your home.

Wind damage to a home can be expensive and dangerous. Take these 4 steps to keep your family and home protected from wind damage.

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