With the right home cleaning tips for pet owners, you can keep your home tidy, odor-free, and safe for you and your pets. Here are 5 ways to minimize the mess that pets can bring into your home.

Stain Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Some pets may occasionally have accidents in the house. Treat the stains with products designed to break up the enzymes. These cleaners remove the stain and eliminate the odor. If the area is not properly cleaned, your pet will be inclined to have more accidents in the same spot.

Eliminate Odors

Pets can create unpleasant odors in any home. Don’t just cover them up, eliminate them. Open the windows to allow fresh air to circulate. Clean up messes right away.

If you have cats, clean your litter box daily. There are self-cleaning litter boxes that are effective and require minimal work. If you prefer to do it on your own, use quality kitty litter. It costs a bit more but is well worth it to keep your home smelling fresh. Line the litter box with a disposable bag or liner to quickly clean it up without a mess.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Make sure the products you use to clean up after your pets and for basic household cleaning are pet-friendly. Avoid cleaners with harsh chemicals as they can cause various health problems for you and your pets. While you want a clean home, your family’s health shouldn’t be compromised in the process.

Eliminate Chewing

When dogs chew on your belongings, it makes a mess and costs you money. Apply a bitter apple spray to furniture to prevent them from chewing it. This spray is non-toxic, but animals do not like the way it tastes. Keep other belongings out of reach and give dogs approved toys to chew instead.

Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners for Removing Pet Hair

Pet hair can be a big problem for both your home’s cleanliness and allergy-sufferers. Shedding is normal, but some pets shed more than others. A high-powered vacuum designed to remove pet hair is a good investment. Look for one with attachments so you can easily clean your furniture. Remove all the hair from the rollers and the collection container after each use.

Duct tape is a great solution to remove pet hair from hard-to-reach areas. It is also an option when you don’t want to run the vacuum cleaner or you’re cleaning an oddly shaped area. For cushions and clothing, put duct tape on a paint roller with the sticky side out to quickly grab the loose hair from furniture.

Consider the materials your furniture is made from when you have pets. Some materials are easier to clean than others. Adding mats or other coverings to furniture makes it easier to clean up after pets. You can also train your pets to stay off your furniture entirely and give them toys and a pet bed instead.

Benefit From These Home Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Using these cleaning tips for pet owners will keep your home clean and fresh. You’ll eliminate odors, keep pet hair off of the floors and furniture, and keep the environment safe for your family and pets.

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