Almost every homeowner would enjoy more living space. The traditional way to create additional interior space is by designing a build-out, but not everyone’s finances allow for a six-figure construction project. Here are a few ideas for attic renovation to make the most of unused square footage and create more space in your home.

The attic presents an obvious opportunity for expansion because it is already part of your home, and no new construction is required. Electricity and plumbing are usually easily accessible and nearby.

Attic Renovation Ideas

1. Built-In Storage Space

Choosing what to do with an awkwardly low roof slope may be difficult. You have the option to transform it into a convenient and functional storage space. Use a small or unusually shaped attic to organize items you hardly use.

Construct a closet to keep clothing and accessories. Use drawers for sweaters and jeans. Add carpet, mirrors, a couch, and good lighting to create a dressing area.

You can also use the attic for storing your collectibles. If you have mugs from your travels, sports memorabilia, or other souvenirs, build a cabinet to display the items. Install lighting if you would like to illuminate your collection.

2. Remodel the Attic to Create a Bedroom

Maybe your family is growing, or an elderly family member is moving in with you. Convert an unused attic to a spare bedroom. If the attic is large enough, move the primary bedroom upstairs. Talk with a contractor to assist with the design and floor plan. You’ll need to consider ceiling height, lighting, windows or skylights, and the possibility of including an attic bathroom.

3. Home Office or Study Area

A home office could be an excellent attic renovation if you work from home or there are students in your household. The home office will be best with natural light and comfortable seating. Include desks, a bookshelf or two, and tabletop lighting to illuminate the workspaces.

4. Use Your Attic Renovation for a Relaxation Room

Another attic renovation idea is turning the space into a quiet retreat. If you need a place to relax, create an attic lounge area for your family. Decorate the room with a comfortable couch and cozy rugs. Add art that you enjoy, throw pillows, and soft lighting. If you like to read, purchase a chair and a standing lamp.

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