Every homeowner would like a spacious bathroom. However, a dream bathroom isn’t always attainable for people with smaller homes. Let’s look at ways to maximize the space and make your bathroom look larger.

Install a Glass Shower Enclosure

Traditional shower curtains serve as a visual divider between the shower and the rest of the room. To make the bathroom look more spacious, swap the curtain for a sliding glass door or replace the bathtub with a glass shower enclosure. Glass doors let light into the stall and make the room seem bigger. Glass shower doors are a good fit for various interior design styles.

Choose White Fixtures, Textiles, and Paint

White makes things look larger because it reflects light instead of absorbing it. To make the bathroom appear bigger, paint the walls white, install white tiles, and incorporate white in the furnishings. Incorporate other pale neutral tones if you don’t prefer a white-on-white look.

Use Mirrors to Make the Bathroom Look Larger

Mirrors reflect light to make the room brighter and appear more expansive than it is. Most bathrooms have a mirror mounted over the vanity, but you might also install a mirror on a wall near the shower or the back of the door. The lighter and brighter your bathroom is, the bigger it will feel.

Add Bathroom Lighting to Make the Space Look Larger

Adequate lighting keeps your bathroom safe and brightens the room. Instead of using only one type of lighting, choose a mixture of light sources like sconces, overhead lighting, and track lighting. Natural lighting makes a room look larger, so use window film instead of covering the windows with curtains. Window film allows natural light into the room while providing privacy.

Create a Seamless Line Between the Walls and the Tiles

Any stark contrast in your bathroom divides the space visually. Eliminating that contrast makes the bathroom look more spacious. Coordinate the color of your flooring and tiles with the color of your walls and shower. If you are not using all white, bring a swatch of your tile or flooring to the paint store for a perfect color match.

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