Spring means longer days, warm weather, and the opportunity to spend more time outdoors. This is also the ideal time to maintain the backyard deck. Here are some tips on how to prepare your deck for spring.

Look for Signs of Damage

Throughout winter, precipitation may accumulate on the decking boards, and it can be difficult to spot signs of damage. Spring is a great time to inspect your deck for wear and tear.

During an examination of your deck, look for mold and mildew. Pressure wash your deck before any buildup causes more damage to the materials. Also, check for loose hardware and fasteners. Replace warped or badly damaged boards. If there are signs of insect damage, call a pest control service.

Prepare Your Deck for Spring by Cleaning the Surface

To prepare your deck for spring, clean it. Remove furniture and sweep debris from the deck with a broom. Remove leaves and twigs from between the boards. After sweeping, use a brush and deck cleaner to scrub the area. Clean it thoroughly, being sure not to overlook steps, built-in seats, and the deck railing.

Add Stain or Sealant

When preparing your deck for spring, use the right stain. This makes your deck look great and protects it from UV rays and the elements. If you are unsure which stains to use for your deck, consult a professional.

Choose a stain that closely matches the color of your deck for a natural appearance. Opaque stains work well for older decks because they hide imperfections. Bear in mind that darker colors provide more UV protection.

If you do not want to stain your deck, add a sealant. This will protect the material and help your deck maintain its appearance.

Choose Upgrades to Prepare Your Deck for Spring

After cleaning and staining your deck, consider upgrading your outdoor space. Think about last year and choose improvements to boost the area’s functionality.

A popular upgrade is solar lighting. Other improvements include adding shade, color, and style by installing an umbrella on the deck. You might plant colorful flowers in a container garden, add cushions to the furniture, and decorate the space with an outdoor rug, string lights, and oil-burning torches.

Clean and Restore Deck Accessories

Prepare your deck for spring by cleaning the décor and accessories. Wash the outdoor furniture and make repairs if needed. Wipe down the cushions and replace any that are discolored or damaged. Take the grill apart to clean it thoroughly. Scrub the grates and check the propane hose for leaks. Wipe off the panels to your solar lights. Clean the fire pit and wash the fabric of your patio umbrella.

A little effort, some sealant or stain, and a few upgrades will make your outdoor deck inviting this spring. A well-maintained outdoor living space provides the ideal setting to enjoy time relaxing with family and friends.

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