After months of cold temperatures and limited time outdoors, everyone is ready to throw open the windows and get ready for spring. If that time has come for you and your family, make the most of it by using these spring cleaning tips to address overlooked areas of your home.

Indoor Air Quality

Most spring cleaning advice focuses on surfaces, such as windows, furniture, and floors. Keeping these areas clean helps improve your indoor air quality. Replace the HVAC filters and clean or replace those in your vacuum cleaner, dehumidifier, and other appliances to capture airborne dust and dirt.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Door and Window Trim

Dust builds up on door and window trim but those areas are often overlooked in the spring cleaning routine. Dust and debris will accumulate on trim just as quickly as it does on your coffee table, but it doesn’t get removed nearly as often. While spring cleaning, use a stepstool and thoroughly wipe these areas. When cleaning trim, spend time on the baseboards around your house, too.

Clean Underneath

Clean under appliances and furniture. Remove the drawer under your stove and sweep there (be careful around wires and gas lines). Move the refrigerator forward, tidy up behind the couch, and pick up area rugs to clean beneath them. Dust and grime can take a toll on appliances that use cooling fans, such as your refrigerator and computer. Regular cleaning will extend their lifespans. Use your vacuum cleaner’s hose and attachments to remove dust around appliance fans.

Outdoor Algae: Spring Cleaning Tips

By the time it’s warm enough for spring cleaning, you may already notice algae growth on some surfaces. Fences, deck railings, and porch columns are prone to algae and mildew. Use a pressure washer to remove this buildup from siding, decks, and patios. You can use vinegar or oxygen bleach to scrub away stubborn algae spots. As summer continues, do occasional touch-ups to keep algae at bay.

Use spring cleaning to catch up on what has been neglected through the winter. These tips will help you keep things clean and save you money in the long run by improving the efficiency of your home and appliances.

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