As a homeowner, you keep up with maintenance and repairs around the house. Your home is a significant investment, possibly the biggest in your life, and you want to keep it in great shape. Sometimes defects are noticeable. Other times major issues can go unnoticed until the damage is widespread. Here are some small signs of a big problem with your home.

Seeing Light Through the Roof

When you’re in the attic, take a few minutes to look around to see your home’s roof from the inside. If you notice light coming in through the roof, this is a sign of a problem. Rain can seep through the same gaps and crack, causing damage to roofing materials, insulation, and structural supports. Water intrusion leads to rot and mold growth and makes an area more susceptible to termite damage. Call a roofing professional to assess the situation and make repairs.

Windows and Doors That No Longer Fit Their Frames

You may have a problem if a previously functional window or door won’t open or close smoothly. Wooden frames surround the openings to our homes. If there is damage to the frame, you usually notice because the door won’t open easily. A window might get stuck on its track, or a door may swing open on its own.

A door or window that is difficult to operate can indicate moisture problems, termite damage, or a shift in the home’s foundation. In areas of high humidity, the wooden components of a door or frame may expand due to moisture. Termites cause damage that weakens wood and can affect door and window frames. Foundation issues should be inspected by a professional to preserve the structure of the house and make sure the property is safe.

Dark Spots on Ceilings or Walls are Small Signs of a Big Problem With Your Home

Brown or yellow stains on the ceiling and walls often indicate water damage. A roof leak or plumbing problems may be to blame. Inspect the roof to look for missing shingles or areas damaged by falling branches or severe weather. A burst pipe could also be the culprit. Contact a plumber to locate the problem and make repairs. It’s essential to find the source of the water and stop the leak before repairing the damaged wall or ceiling. Otherwise, the area will continue to be exposed to water, and the problem will worsen.

Surprisingly High Water Bill

If you’ve noticed a higher-than-usual water bill, this is another sign of a major problem. A burst pipe is not always obvious. Sometimes the problem is hidden in the wall or even underground. If the main plumbing line leaks, you may not be aware until you receive a surprising water bill. Call a professional ASAP. It’s necessary to discover the location of the issue and make repairs to conserve water, save money, and prevent costly water damage.

Mud Tubes are Signs of a Big Problem With Your Home

Another indication of an issue in your home is visible mud tubes on the foundation or basement walls. Subterranean termites construct mud tubes to protect them as they travel from their nest to a food source. Because termites can cause extensive property damage, taking action is crucial. Break open the mud tube and look for active termites. If you don’t see insects, return to the location later to see if the tube has been rebuilt. To eliminate termites, contact a pest control expert. They will recommend steps to take to protect your property from insect damage.

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