Prepare for an Inspection When Listing Your Home for Sale

After you’ve found a buyer and accepted their offer, the transaction is almost complete. Depending on the inspection report, you can either start moving your boxes or head back to the negotiating table. As a seller, you’ll want to make sure the home inspection goes smoothly. The inspector checks everything and reports back to the buyer, who is hoping for a good report and a quality home. Here are some ways a seller can prepare for a home inspection.

Clear the Perimeter

This is the first step to take as you prepare for the inspection. A tidy perimeter will be clear of weeds, clutter, and trash cans. Trim overgrown shrubbery that’s close to the house and clear away any other debris that limits access to the home. The inspector will look at exterior trims, doors and windows, and doorknobs and locks. Check all doors to make sure the locks are functional.

Check the Roofing

The roof is a major component of your home. It protects the structure of the house and your belongings and affects curb appeal. The inspector and buyer will notice the roof before seeing the inside of the home and first impressions are important.

Remove overhanging limbs and debris from the roof before the inspection. Clean moss, pine needles, and leaves from the gutters. Make sure the downspouts are properly positioned and functioning. If roofing tiles or shingles are missing or broken, replace them.

Make all Areas Accessible

If the inspector cannot access a part of the house, the report will reflect that and the buyer may assume you’re hiding defects or problems. Areas like the basement, furnace room, and attic are important to include in the inspection report.

Prepare for inspection by making sure the inspector has no trouble accessing these areas. Remove clutter, thoroughly clean the areas, and make sure the lighting properly illuminates the space.

Clean the House

A dirty house gives the impression that other parts of the house may be neglected. Dust your house, scrub the floors, empty trash cans, and clean the bathrooms.

Replace Light Bulbs to Prepare for a Home Inspection

While checking the house’s wiring, the inspector will test the lighting. A blown bulb can raise a red flag about the electrical system. To avoid confusion, replace all bulbs as you prepare for a home inspection. Make sure the fuse box is clearly and correctly labeled.

Check for Leaks

Any plumbing issues should be fixed before inspection day, as leaks will be noted on the report. Check under the sink, and at the base of your tubs, toilets, and showers. Make sure appliances like the dishwashers and refrigerator are functioning properly.

Water damage on the walls, floors, and ceiling is a concern to the buyer, so thoroughly check for signs of buckling, warping, and sagging and make any necessary repairs ahead of the inspection.

Prepare Your Home for the Inspection

Finally, on the day of the inspection, make sure the home is ready two hours prior. Keep all rooms open and be ready to vacate as soon as the inspector arrives. Remember, no home is perfect, and the inspector may find minor issues that can easily be addressed before the purchase is complete.

The best thing a seller can do is be honest about the status of the house. To prepare, get the home in its best condition for your potential buyer. Simple things like cleaning up and making all areas of the house accessible will make the inspector’s work easier.

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