If your kitchen is smaller than you’d like, learn how to make the most of the space. You don’t have to completely remodel, but it’s important to find a place for everything. Here are some space-saving ideas for small kitchens.

Ideas for Small Kitchens: Use Hooks

When you don’t have a lot of cupboard space, use the walls for storage. If you have some empty wall space, install hooks to hold utensils, aprons, or even pots and pans. S-hooks can be used to hang oven mitts and dish towels, and you can use a magnetic strip mounted on the wall to keep knives within reach.

Create More Space With Smaller Appliances

One way to maximize the space in your kitchen is to install small appliances. Many of the major companies also manufacture compact versions of appliances. The nostalgic styles that mimic the appliances of the 1950s and 60s are growing in popularity. They are fully functional and are often smaller in size.

Keep the Countertops Clean

By keeping clutter out of your kitchen and off the countertops, you make the kitchen seem larger. A clean, minimalist style creates the illusion of more space. Store utensils, cookware, and small appliances that you don’t use every day out of sight.

Ideas for Small Kitchens Include a Single-Bowl Sink

If you have the budget for a minor renovation, ditch the double sink and replace it with a large, single-bowl sink. This frees up more counter space, and the deep bowl will hide dishes until you get to them, making your kitchen look tidier.

Add an Island

If you have floor space, add an island. A kitchen island offers storage for cookbooks, dishes, or small appliances. It can also double as extra seating. Choose a version with wheels and roll it out of the way when it’s not in use. Use the top as a cutting board or have a sink or range built into the island.

Pantry Space Ideas for Small Kitchens

No matter how small your kitchen is, you’ll need places to store food items. Add shelves on a wall, use the space above your cabinets, or build a pullout pantry. Food storage space permits you to keep basic items on hand.

Get Organized

A lot of space in our homes is wasted, so learn to make the most of what you have. Good organization will help your kitchen feel bigger. Install a Lazy Susan in a cabinet, pull-out shelves in the cupboards, and use bins to organize and make the most of your small space.

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