Even with a small budget, you can significantly improve the appearance of your home. These DIY home improvements each cost less than $100 and will update areas of your home and refresh your living spaces. Whether you prefer classic decor, rustic, or farmhouse themes, inexpensive adjustments can make a big difference.

Update The Showerhead

If the water pressure of your shower head isn’t as good as it used to be, this could be due to calcium deposits. The latest replacement showerhead models provide great water pressure but consume less water. You’ll enjoy a better shower and save money on the water bill with this low-cost upgrade.

Change Up the Bathroom

You can do a quick and inexpensive bathroom renovation with a few simple tricks. Refurbish the light fixture by removing it, washing the glass globes, and spray painting the fixture with a new textured finish.

Paint or stain the frame around the bathroom mirror, choosing a color that compliments the decor of the room. Place a decorative candle on the vanity and add a new bathmat, and you have changed the look of the room with minimal expense and effort.

Dimmers and Smart Bulbs are Easy, DIY Home Improvements

Gain better control of the lighting in your home by adding dimmer switches in place of the standard light switches. Dimmers not only offer adjustable lighting but also save a significant amount of energy.

Another inexpensive option to upgrade your lighting is to install smart bulbs. These lights can be controlled via an app on your smartphone. Adjust the lighting, program times for lights to shut off, and even control the color with these modern bulb options.

Paint Your Kitchen Island

If you want to make updates for under $100, paint is an inexpensive way to change a house. Even though it’s tedious to paint furniture, cabinets, and trim, the end product is worth the time.

An easy update for the kitchen is to paint the island. Before you apply paint, prep the island by cleaning and sanding it. Purchase high-quality brushes and rollers for the best results. With the variety of colors available at your local hardware store, you can completely refresh the look of the kitchen.

DIY Home Improvements: Upgrading Cabinet Hardware

Change the style of your kitchen or bathroom with new drawer pulls and cabinet door handles. Measure the distance between the holes of your current hardware and purchase pieces of the same size. The new handles will fit into the holes in the doors. This is a quick, easy, and inexpensive update; with just a screwdriver, you can replace cabinet hardware in no time.

Build a Fence to Hide the AC

The air conditioning unit on the side of your house doesn’t add much to the visual appeal of your home. With a bit of creativity, you can cleverly hide the unit. However, make sure the AC remains easy to reach and well-ventilated. Any enclosure should be at least 18 inches away from the unit to allow air to flow in and heat to escape when needed.

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