Gutters help protect your property from water damage. When it rains, they direct water away from your home’s siding and foundation. However, gutters need to be cleaned at least twice yearly to keep them functioning as they should. In this guide, we’ll detail how you can easily clean your gutters and keep your property safe.

Why it’s Important to Clean Your Home’s Gutters

Gutters require minimal maintenance to work properly. They accumulate debris over time, and when it builds up, you may see mold growth, a leaky roof, or even a flooded basement. Gutters filled with leaves and twigs may also attract pests. Keeping your gutters clean will prevent these problems and save you from incurring costly repairs down the road.

Hiring someone to clean your home’s gutters is the easiest way to tackle this project. But if you don’t mind cleaning them yourself, there are simple steps you can follow.

Assemble Tools for the Project

First, you’ll need to gather the right tools. To clean your home’s gutters, you’ll need a ladder, garden hose, work gloves, bucket, and a scraping tool, like a trowel or gutter scoop. Working on a ladder can be risky, so make sure you use a sturdy ladder and have a friend or family member stabilize it while you’re working. If you’re uncomfortable on a ladder, hire a professional.

Clear Debris to Clean Your Gutters

Put on your work gloves to protect your hands and safety glasses to prevent debris from getting into your eyes as you work. Then, place your ladder firmly on a level surface before you climb it.

Start clearing large debris like twigs by hand and use your scraping tool to remove compacted debris from the channel. As you work, place the debris you collect in a bucket. You can hook the bucket to your ladder for easy access.

Flush the Gutters

Once you’ve cleared the debris, rinse the gutters out to eliminate any remaining dirt. Attach a spray nozzle to your garden hose and use a strong stream of water to wash the guttering channels. At the downspouts, point your hose downwards to force out debris that is stuck inside. For best results when rinsing your gutters and downspouts, use a pressure washer.

Repair or Replace Damaged Gutters

When your gutters are clean, water will flow freely away from your home. If you notice any leaks or cracks, you may need to repair your gutters. If you see peeling paint or rust, cracks or splits in the gutters, or sagging, call a professional to make repairs. These issues can worsen and cause severe damage to your home if left unresolved.

Cleaning your home’s gutters is a simple DIY task that will only take a few hours. Follow the steps above, and you’ll be done before you know it. If you’re hard-pressed for time or don’t have the right equipment, hire a gutter cleaning service to handle the task.

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