Homeownership comes with its fair share of responsibilities. While many repair jobs should be handled by professionals, simple DIY repairs are manageable with the right equipment. Invest in the basic tools every homeowner should have so that you can handle quick fixes around your home.

Basic Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

Homeowners need to have a few basic tools to take care of common tasks around the house. Whether you’re hanging a painting or putting together furniture, the following tools are a must for every homeowner:

1. Hammers

Hammers are likely the single most important tool every homeowner should have. When looking for the right hammer to add to your toolbox, search for one with a comfortable handle. The standard hammer should have a “rip” or straight claw instead of a curved one as it will be more effective at driving nails and similar tasks. If you are going to have just one hammer, choose a 16-ounce weight.

Hammers with vibration-dampening coatings help reduce the noise the hammer makes when making contact. Hammers with a smooth head help to prevent surface damage or nail slippage.

2. Screwdrivers are Basic Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

Screwdrivers are next on the list of basic tools every homeowner should have. Homeowners should have one Phillips and one flat head screwdriver as part of their set of essential tools. When purchasing screwdrivers, it’s best to get a set of varying sizes. As you shop around for these tools, look for screwdrivers that are magnetic. They will make screwing and unscrewing less challenging.

3. Pliers

In addition to hammers and screwdrivers, pliers are another essential tool to include in your homeowner’s toolbox. These tools make it easier to grasp and manipulate small objects. In addition to a standard pair of pliers, include a set of locking pliers, combination pliers, and long-nose pliers. Another companion tool to keep next to your pliers is a wire stripper as they will come in handy with certain electrical projects.

4. Wrenches are Basic Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

Wrenches are other basic tools every homeowner should have. A set of wrenches in various sizes will manipulate nuts and bolts and are essential to various home repair projects. Combination wrenches are adjustable and can handle a variety of jobs. When expanding your collection of wrenches, make sure to add in a set of ratchet and socket wrenches to make manipulating bolts quicker.

5. Cordless Drill

A cordless drill is another must-have for any homeowner. While you may not use this drill every day, this tool takes all the hard work out of basic home projects like installing shelving or putting furniture together. With a high-quality drill and drill bits, you’ll be able to conveniently tackle home improvement projects.

6. Measuring Tape

A measuring tape is another essential tool that comes in handy for many tasks. Measuring tapes are invaluable for home renovations, DIY projects, or even for a task as simple as hanging a painting. With a sturdy tape measure on hand, homeowners can accurately take measurements around the home.

With a set of basic tools every homeowner should have, you can handle small projects on your own. Keep this guide in mind when stocking up on these basic tools.

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