Just because you’ve purchased a brand new home doesn’t mean that everything is perfect with the construction. After the home has time to settle, it is common to notice problems and defects that may not have been obvious before you moved in. This is one of the reasons that an 11th-month warranty inspection is important. Most newly built homes include a one-year warranty provided by the builder. Order an inspection in the 11th month so you can file a claim before the warranty expires.

Homebuyers who do not request or schedule this inspection will end up paying out of pocket for any needed repairs, which can be quite costly. Let’s take a look at a few reasons to schedule an 11th-month warranty inspection.

Make Repairs Proactively

Your initial list of repairs during this warranty period might be lengthy but minor. It may even include things that you are comfortable repairing yourself. It is not necessary for you to tackle repairs yourself when your builder is responsible. Scheduling the inspection saves the homeowner both time and money. Plus, you’ll have repairs made early before they grow into larger problems.

Reduce Homeowner Maintenance Costs

With a warranty, you won’t have to take on repair costs in the first year. The builder will be responsible for making necessary construction-related repairs to the home during this time. Homeowners save money by filing a warranty claim before the end of the first 12 months.

Be Secure in the Property with an 11th-Month Warranty Inspection

In the first year, there may be problems that are structural in nature that affect the roofing or foundation. The costs of these larger projects are often quite expensive. There is a certain amount of security that comes from knowing the work is being completed professionally. By ordering the 11th-month inspection, you’ll understand the condition and defects of the property and can have the builder make repairs.

Order an 11th-Month Warranty Inspection to Address Defects

Over the course of the warranty period, you may have noticed defects with tile or hardwood flooring. Perhaps a handrail is loose or a few shingles are missing from the roof. These are just some of the issues that might show up during your first year in a new home. Taking advantage of your warranty allows you to address these defects promptly. You probably intend to live in your new house for years to come and you want it to be in great shape.

There are many expenses associated with maintaining a property. It is possible, however, to decrease these costs initially by requesting an inspection on your newly built home before your warranty expires. This is also a good way to ensure the dependability of the structure for the long-term.

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